About us

COTTON SRL is a company that has been operating in the women's clothing sector, in terms of design, production and distribution, since 1994.
Until 2010 the company dealt exclusively with the management of production for third parties.
Subsequently, thanks to the great passion, tenacity and entrepreneurial intuition of the two young entrepreneurs, husband and wife, Marco Fermi and Raffaella Galazzi, the strategic structure of the company was radically changed.
COTTON challenges the market first-hand by abandoning the role of subcontractor and creating its own brand from scratch. NENETTE was born in 2011, the result of a perfect mix of production know-how, financial and human resources.
A way of doing business that takes advantage of the constant evolution of all aspects, especially those of life and humans.
Curiosity and constant search for quality.
Attention to everything that combines beauty and innovation.
Innovation and environmental sustainability.
NENETTE dresses a woman from 30 to 50 years old, cosmopolitan and who appreciates the dynamic and lively environment. She is a strong and charismatic woman, a professional who loves and affirms her independence, especially in work and who never gives up her femininity. She is curious and attentive to the reality that surrounds her, in fact she likes to travel and discover new places. She is passionate about modern art and design, fashion and interiors. She likes fashion but is not a victim of it, she is a fashion follower who browses the latest magazines and watches fashion shows in her free time. His wardrobe is always updated but with an eye to practicality, quality and the theme of sustainability. She takes care of herself and her image, she likes to combine clothes and experiment with new looks that can best express her personality which stands out but without being over the top. His clothes for the day are always feminine and refined, his eye in fact rests on the details that are never left to chance: buttons, finishes, linings, accessories enrich each item of clothing making it unique. But it is on special occasions, such as cocktails, vernissages or ceremonies in which it best expresses its elegance. She is attracted to precious materials and details, such as embroidery, crystals, sequins, lurex: elements she appreciates in long dresses with a pronounced but never excessive neckline, but also in shorter ones, which she knows how to play down with leather jackets or blazers with a contemporary cut. Clothes that become more daring and glamorous for party night. Finally, she is a woman who never gives up color. Her wardrobe, in fact, whether for the summer or winter season, always strikes with its brilliant nuances and lively and refined prints to express a sophisticated and never banal femininity at any moment of the day.
Creativity is at the heart of the production process.
The style office, combining intellectual and cultural curiosity, interprets the latest trends with an innovative and unconventional approach.
Specialized teams are formed in all phases of the creative process: from design to production, from communication to distribution.
Raw materials are extremely important and are the essence of product quality.
An accurate internal selection process of top quality raw materials and suppliers guarantees superior quality standards.
The prints and fabrics follow stylistic and technical specifications that offer quality as well as exclusivity, while enhancing the strong identity of the brand.